• User level knowledge of Flight Simulator 2004 / FSX or X-Plane
  • You should love flying.
Our rules:
  • You are only allowed to use aircrafts taken into service by our airline.
  • EuropeanExpress supports only civil aviation. Military or war simulations of any kind are prohibited in our fleet.
  • We accept registrations only with your REAL name.
  • You are to register for education or an introductory flight not later than 14 days after registration.
  • Every new member receives a "Student" permission for light aircrafts. 
  • After two successful flights the "Medium Student" permission will be set.
  • After five flights with no errors the user account will be finally accepted.
  • Conditions of a "Heavy" permission: 10 flights with no errors and 20 flight hours according to the FSAirlines system.
  • You have to fly at least 1 scheduled flight per month in the FSA system.

    Training- and collective flights are being held on Fridays.
Referenced knowledge:
  • METAR and TAF analysis.
  • Fuel calculation.
  • Map analysis.
  • Aviation English (Language used during flights).
  • IFR, VFR navigation.
Please contact info[@] for any further information.